We want to raise awareness about caring for the environment, educating people and taking an active role in achieving positive impact actions, thus inspiring the younger generations and transcending.

Contribute to the positive impact with the on-site management of compostable waste through the promotion of ecological, multifunctional and technological solutions, and bringing people together through a virtual community of composting and cultivation.


Recycle your organic waste at home

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In Chile a person generates 1.26 kg of waste daily

Which translates into an annual generation of the country of

million tons of garbage


50% of the people of Chile DO NOT SEPARATE their waste to RECYCLE, the main reasons:

When separating waste for recycling, ORGANIC is the LEAST IMPORTANT for Chileans.

The 3 main wastes that Chileans separate for recycling:

The Ministry of the Environment sets a goal of 65% of HOUSEHOLD WASTE to be RECYCLED in 2040 and that only 10% of these end up in a sanitary landfill.

Terraciclo System

Terraciclo is a technological system for composting and intelligent agriculture, which automates the analysis of information, monitors and facilitates decision-making, built with recycled plastic, has an integrated system of sensors that measures the key variables to generate alerts, predict results and offer personalized recommendations.

To access this data, each user connects to a mobile application, where they also interact with a global composting community.

Value proposition

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Adds value and extends the lifespan of household organic waste

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It does not depend on the user's prior knowledge to start composting

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Is a source of organic food to meet household food needs

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Can monitor and guide to improve the worm ecosystem

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Connects those who are interested and interested in caring for the planet

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Allows guaranteed optimal results, thanks to constant monitoring

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Educates and brings the natural processes of the earth cycle closer to people

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It allows to quantify the contamination that is being avoided with its use

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